A well-established AFH brand
? Professional hygiene solution from Sweden;
? Sold in over 90 countries;
? 73% old customers come back and buy Tork regularly;
? Specialist hygiene brand for commercial and industrial workplaces, such as hotels, restaurants and office buildings.

Vinda began to operate Tork’s Chinese businesses after the company’s integration of SCA’s mainland, HK and Macau businesses. SCA is a leading hygiene and forest products company, which has been recognized 8 years in a row one of the World’s most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere Institute. As a leading global AFH brand, Tork provides professional hygiene solutions for public toilets, kitchens, catering operation, healthcare operations, industrial workplaces and other public establishments. 

Tork offers products include toilet tissue, napkins, liquid soap, wiping paper and cleaning cloth. Tork is committed to providing outstanding hygiene solutions. For example:

A good washroom experience creates a great impression that boosts the high-quality image and style of your facility. Regardless if you are in a posh place or your private space, Tork provides washroom solutions that meet every need and help leave a good impression. 
★Hotel &food service★
Keeping your kitchen hygienic and fresh is vital for the catering business. Tork’s professional hygienic cleaning system is the right tool to ensure premium service. 
★Healthcare area★
Health and hygiene are closely related. Tork offers hygienic cleaning solutions for patients health and comfort. 
★Manufacturing and maintenance★
When you want quick and efficient ways of dealing your cleaning, wiping and polishing, Tork’s perfect products are always there to deliver unrivaled experience.

Tork works to deliver clean, comfortable and easy experience for any environment.While gaining enormous business success, we strive to provide environmental friendly products with energy saving technology innovation. Tork’s products are eco-certified and have been produced from indisputable forest resources. Sustainability has become our ways of doing business and innovate lifestyles. 



Tork Elevation line is a seamless and functional design series with a modern feel that fits into most washroom environments. Design of the Tork Elevation dispenser range has earned the company two design awards,the 2009 IF Design Award and the Red Dot Award.

?Easy to see when refilling is required with semi-transparant window;
?Safe and flexible with double protection design;
?Easy to load; have a business card holder in the dispenser;
?Organic form enables easy cleaning;
?Available in multi-sizes and capacity.

?Upgraded version of TORK Imageline boosts upscale image of your washroom. Its high class and modern design can easily make great impression on your guests and visitors.
?The modern design of TORK Imageline, smooth surfaces and clean lines complement every washroom. It creates a great impression which boosts the high-quality image of your facility. Stylish stainless steel body with anti-fingerprint coating keeps a high class look and stays clean.

?3 dispensing options: high capacity model,tabletop model and stand model;
?Reduce napkin usage by 25%;
?Create a custom message and display it in the AD-a-Glance area.

Save 32-25% working time;
Tork cleaning cloth more efficient:
?Improve cleaning efficiency for heavy duty;
?Speed up your task so that you can be ready sooner for production.

Use 40% less solvent:
Tork cleaning cloth can;
?quick absorption;
?balance apply solvent ;
?educe solvent use.

Do the same job with 20-31% labour:
We designed some real tough tasks to test the performance of our durable and industrial cleaning cloth versus rags.
?We use asphalt mixed with grease in the test;
?Tork products work smarter.


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